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We All Get a Little Nutty Sometimes

haes nutritionist NYC

It happens to the best of us. And here are 4 other #nutrition tips about #nuts, from a non-diet dietitian's perspective:

1. No one nut is better than the other. All types of nuts offer unique benefits (pun intended ;)). Variety is key... #AllNutsFit #AllNutsAreGoodNuts (Unless of course, you're allergic)

2. Don't let nuts make you nuts. Obsessing about the #calories and/or counting out individual nuts is unnecessary and can be counterproductive to your mental health. Try grabbing a handful (a reasonable #portionsize) of nuts, enjoying them mindfully as a #snack or part of your #meal, and then moving on with your day. No need to overthink it.

3. Nuts are an excellent source of dietary fat. Which is awesome, because nuts are delicious, and dietary fat has a ton of health benefits, including enhanced #satiety, improved skin integrity, and increased vitamin and mineral absorption, among other things.

Have other questions about nuts? Leave them in the comment section on Facebook or Instragram and I will do my best to answer!

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