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LK Nutrition's Commitment to Anti-Racism

At LK Nutrition we believe that everyone deserves access to high quality, respectful and affirming nutrition counseling support. Unfortunately, this is not the status quo. White supremacy, white feminism, racism and racial inequities are massive problems in the fields of nutrition, mental health, and eating disorders. From lack of diverse representation among clinicians, to treatment modalities that do not center the needs of the most marginalized, and professional organizations that feature predominantly white individuals in leadership positions, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) individuals are consistently and systemically disadvantaged and left without the support they need and deserve. 

BIPOC dietitian NYC

Below is a list of things we have been doing in our practice in support of our BIPOC clients, colleagues, peers and the larger community. This is not a definitive list, but a starting point that will evolve as we grow in our anti-racism work. We share it in the spirit of transparency and accountability for our stated commitment to racial equity and justice. 

1. Increasing access to nutrition counseling services through the LK Nutrition Scholarship Fund for BIPOC clients with eating disorders and financial hardship. 

2. Carving out sliding scale spots specifically for BIPOC clients and those with other marginalized identities experiencing financial hardship.

3.  Building relationships with BIPOC clinicians in our professional community and referring to them to meet client needs.  

4.  Prioritizing prospective BIPOC dietetic interns for internship opportunities.

5. Fostering the professional development of LK Nutrition dietitians including anti-racism training and clinical consultation facilitated by BIPOC consultants in the field. 

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