Our ultimate aim as non-diet dietitians is to support you in learning how to honor your body's unique needs, by exploring what "health" really means for you, and empowering you to exist more peacefully with food and your body.

To facilitate this process, we offer:

  • A judgment-free space to discuss your eating, movement and body image concerns

  • Invitations to unpack and challenge assumptions or internalized beliefs about these topics that may be keeping you stuck

  • Tailored nutrition support, education and encouragement focused on cultivating behaviors that foster genuine physical, mental and emotional well-being

Our style is collaborative, strengths-based, compassionate and trauma-informed.

We work through a lens of weight inclusivity. This means we are committed to promoting a peaceful relationship with food and movement for individuals of all shapes and sizes. This also means we believe that weight stigma, including the pathologization of body size, is harmful to health. 

While our work with each client is highly individualized and looks different for each person some of the theories that inform our approach include:

manhattan eating disorder nutritionist

Each of these frameworks also have their own limitations. We work creatively and flexibility with each client, keeping in mind individual circumstances and access to resources.

We believe in a team approach to care. If you are in eating disorder recovery and/or are working with other treatment providers, we will gladly collaborate with your team, or will help you create one by providing trusted, personalized referrals.