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LK Nutrition Holiday Cookbook! Winter 2020 Edition

Presenting: The LK Nutrition Holiday Cookbook! Food is a way of celebrating culture, connecting with our heritage, passing along traditions and expressing love and joy. In the spirit of the holiday season and our passions for positive food relationships, our team submitted some favorite family holiday recipes that are meaningful to each of us. Each recipe includes a little fun fact associated with the dish. If you feel so inclined to give any of these a try, let us know how it goes and what you think of the final product! On behalf of the LK Nutrition Team, we are wishing our past, current and future clients, colleagues and friends of the practice a happy, peaceful and nourishing holiday season and New Year! ❄️

Shoutout to the Dream Team that is Ashley Perrone, Kimmie Singh,, Chelsea Levy, Eling Tsai and 2020 intern D Forde. Special thanks again to Eling for putting this all together and D for the template!


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