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You know you're a Non-Diet Dietitian when...

manhattan eating disorder dietitian

1. You just say no… to diets. Because you get that diets don't work, and more so, recognize that a diet-based approach to eating can be more harmful than helpful.

2. You promote sustainable habits, flexible/compassionate choices, pleasure in food, and mindful/intuitive eating techniques. Because you recognize that, when it comes to balanced eating, self-care and internal attunement to one's body are more enduring practices than following arbitrary rules.

3. You can’t help but cringe a little inside whenever you hear food described as “good/bad,” “clean/dirty,” or “processed/unprocessed” 🙉. Some might say these are just words… but we say language matters. Because these terms perpetuate rigid, shame-based eating. And nutrition can’t truly be reduced to black and white categories. It's more nuanced than that.

4. You recognize that "health" encompasses physical, mental AND emotional well-being... and you support ALL aspects of your clients’ wellness.

5. You get that a person's "health" status isn’t simply defined by a number on the scale. And you embrace the fact that health & beauty come in all shapes, sizes and shades.

If you agree with this approach, share it, and help spread the non-diet message! <3

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