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NEW ED Nutrition/Recovery Support Group

brooklyn eating disorder dietitian

I'm excited to announce that my colleague, Megan Hittner, LCSW, RYT, and I have teamed up to offer a unique nutrition/therapy combo support group in Brooklyn, beginning next month! Details below:

First group date : Wednesday, 1/18/17

First group time: 8-9:30PM

First group theme: Goals & Intentions

Location: 699 Sackett Street; Brooklyn

Cost: $72 per group *No monthly commitment required; drop in as needed

*Open to anyone (18+) seeking to heal from an eating disorder, and needing additional support

*3rd Wednesday night of each month *Each group will cover a different "theme," such as self-care, body image, mindful eating, navigating social media, joyful movement, and more

*Please email or for more details and to sign up

*Sign up required in advance

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