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Kids Cooking Corner: Pizza

NYC eating disorder nutritionist

Below is a guest post from our fantastic intern and RD-to-be, D Forde, who recently completed a rotation with our practice for her dietetic internship!

Hey Everyone!

My name is D, I am a dietetic intern at LK Nutrition! I hope everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times and is having some success in finding their new normal.

We thought it might be helpful to let you all know that although the physical LK Nutrition offices are closed, we are still here for you.

Parenting isn't easy, and during this time, I am sure you are facing new challenges. I am not a parent and don't know all of the challenges that come with having a child. I have, however, nannied and babysat for years, so I can empathize with you to a certain extent. I share this to say, the variety of emotions you may be feeling from being home and with your family are all okay.

This post is by no means an end all be all. We want you to know that you can be flexible with yourself and what you have. I also want to recognize the privilege it is to have access to a pantry stocked with a variety of items. Many of us may not have a regular income coming in during this time (or regularly). Thus, there may be a limit on what we have and can offer our family. If you are not able to afford a variety of treats, snacks and/or ingredients, that is okay. This does not reflect your parental quality. This post is to help share some ideas for being creative in the kitchen, getting your children involved, and to creating a positive food environment for your family with the resources you do have.

Today we're highlighting making a pizza at home. Some of my personal favorite variety toppings are extra extra cheese and olives. Or, one of my latest mashups that I love using is starting with mozzarella cheese, adding an egg cracked on top, and then topping it with a salty meat like turkey bacon.

I hope you’re able to find some time to give this a try!

Stay Home, stay safe!

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