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"Babes Who Hustle" features Eling Tsai, MPH, RD!

asian eating disorder nutritionist NYC

Cheers to our superstar associate, Eling Tsai, MPH, RD, who was recently featured for an interview in Babes Who Hustle, "a digital publication and IRL community created to connect and empower hardworking women around the world." In the interview, Eling opens up about her career journey & 'hustle,' how she approaches nutrition counseling with her clients, her reflections on being an Asian American woman in the fields of nutrition and eating disorders, plus so much more. This article really captures the special nutrition professional, and person, that she is. Below are some standout quotes from her. Click here, or the image above, to read the full interview!

"I’m in awe of everybody’s unique journey with food and the resilience and strength clients bring into the counseling space."
"I’ve found that my colleagues and I have had to pursue a lot of specialized training, and also do the work to challenge our own conditioned, internalized beliefs so that we can provide culturally competent and effective care for clients of all racial backgrounds, sizes, and gender identities."
"The racial makeup of the field is nowhere close to matching the clientele that we’re meant to serve. This is problematic and harmful to communities of color who seek nutrition care, and also makes it easier for the field to ignore racial bias that exists in weight-centric healthcare."
"When thinking about how to encourage women to embrace a positive relationship with food, a question that really helps get to the point is: “When you’re busy following your food rules, restricting food, and not trusting your body…what are you missing out on?”
"I feel so lucky to have the freedom to work from the weight-neutral, anti-diet nutrition philosophy that I 100% believe in."


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