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Tips for Navigating the Grocery Store

NYC HAES dietitian

Greetings from the produce aisle! Trying to overcome disordered eating, or let go of chronic dieting? Here are 7 tips to navigate the grocery store like a pro (sunglasses optional) ;)

1. Try not to shop hungry our tired. This is not only torturous but can be a set up for excessive purchasing and bingeing.

2. Keep a list of what you need on your fridge, or better yet, on your phone (hey 2016), bring it along, and do your best to stick to it.

3. Consider buying a new food you've been wanting to try each week. This can help you expand your food repertoire gradually, without getting too overwhelmed all at once.

4. Try not to get lured into obsessive label reading and marketing ploys. Be weary of labels like sugar-free, fat-free, all-natural, gluten-free, etc. These are just marketing terms, and often don't necessarily equate to more nutritious. Focus instead on what will satisfy you, and try not to overthink every ingredient.

5. If you tend to linger at the grocery store, give yourself a time limit. 30ish minutes (give or take) is reasonable.

6. Buy in bulk only when it makes sense. Don't pressure yourself to buy more than you need or feel comfortable with just because there's a sale. There will be more deals in the future. Prioritizing your recovery is always the best investment.

7. Bring along a supportive pal, a trusted family member, or heck, you're nutritionist for extra support, until you feel more confident strutting through the aisles with grace and ease.

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