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This is a Cupcake

nutritionist brooklyn

And here are 7 more (perhaps slightly less obvious) thoughts about cupcakes, from a non-diet dietitian's perspective:

1) Cupcakes are delicious, especially when eaten mindfully.

2) A cupcake consists mainly of glucose, which is our brain's #1 fuel source.

3) You're not "being good" by avoiding a cupcake.

4) You're not "being bad" by eating a cupcake.

5). Your decision about eating a cupcake has no bearing on your morality or worthiness as a person.

6) Being a certain body size doesn't make you more or less justified in having a cupcake; everyBODY deserves to enjoy cupcakes.

7) When we give ourselves unconditional permission to enjoy all foods, including cupcakes, we're ultimately more satisfied human beings, and better at regulating our overall nutritional intake.

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